Two years…

That’s how long we’ve been together. It isn’t a long time, is it?

It’s interesting how we got together; he and I. It was not easy, you could almost call it arduous even. Unfortunately, the process of getting a boyfriend isn’t always through a romantic comedy type meet-cute (although it should, always). Sometimes the process of gaining also means losing something else. Regretfully, some hearts were broken, simple communication often escaped us and a few friends were lost in the process. But at the same time, stronger bonds were forged, lessons were learned and new strength was found through prayer and in each other.

If you asked me now what I would do differently if I could change the course of history, I’d probably tell you that with the exception of sparing the hurt feelings of all other parties involved, nothing. Except I’d do it all more surely this time around. That I wouldn’t doubt that this person was not only be capable of providing what feels like an inexhaustible supply of love and security, but that he’d also quickly become my best friend. That he could teach me love that is much unlike everything I’ve ever read or what people have attempted to describe. That it is worth all the trouble to be with someone who brings the absolute best out of you, who actually knows you better than you do yourself.

So, in an attempt to express the gratitude and love that I feel every day, on his birthday a couple months back I decided to make him dinner. If you know me at all, you’d know that just the idea of that worried us both a little bit. However, putting my lack of experience in all things cooking aside, I was very excited.

Dinner turned out all right although lacking in some places, the result of a complete rookie in the kitchen no doubt. So, if its okay with you, let’s never again not go into the details of our dinner. What we absolutely must talk about though is the birthday cake that completely stole the show.

Cheesecake is the silly boy’s favourite. He’s generally a pretty loose guy when it comes to food and all other things but there are two things that he just absolutely cannot and will not compromise on; burgers and cheesecake. You have to get them just right or you will hear about it so you can probably imagine the concern I had when attempting this cake. However, all worries proved to be in vain once I stumbled upon this blog (a very happy accident!) and did a test run.

Now, I am not particularly picky when it comes to cheesecake, I do not enjoy it religiously but I believe that this recipe may be capable of converting a few non-believers into forming a mini cheesecake cult. Just maybe. It is a cheesecake in all its glory, no trimmings, no fancy schmancy. Simplicity at its best; extremely light, very tasty and relatively easy to make.

And do you want to hear a secret? It got the cheesecake nazi’s stamp of approval. 😉

I followed the recipe exactly which you can find here. And while you’re there be sure to check out the rest of her blog, it is stunning. 🙂

Happy weekend!


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