A postgrad student pursuing a Master degree in Microbiology, hailing from a peaceful little country in the tropics also known as Malaysia. On top of what most would call a curious passion for our microscopic counterparts, I have recently found a new love in the kitchen– for baking. It is a self-proclaimed, mild addiction to sweetness I suppose. Sweetness in any of its forms excites my bones. Yes, I am the kind of person who does a little skip and kick at the taste a perfectly thick, chewy cookie. I am that one strange girl we all know who spaces out more regularly than she would like, often dreaming up what sweet treat to create next. And as much as the results are rewarding, my favourite part is soaking in every moment of the process that takes me there. Which is ultimately how this blog began; to share our experiences, to take in the sights (because food can be extremely beautiful) and (virtual) smells. Having only begun my sweet pursuit this very year, this blog serves to document and share with its readers every piece of confection that has and will hopefully contribute to my (and perhaps your) expanding arsenal of skills in the kitchen.

Happy baking! ((:

Ashley S.
11 . 06. 12


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